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Farina knows how to fix schools — not just close them

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New Schools Chancellor Feared Mediocrity, Pushed High Standards for All

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Mayoral Campaign Operatives Dissect What Went Right And What Went Wrong

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Consultants In City Elections Spill Secrets

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Educating de Blasio: Say Literacy, Common Core Are Keys to Success

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The Education Funders' Polite Post-Mortem on Mayor Bloomberg's School Reforms

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Specialists Tell de Blasio: Focus on Homelessness

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Anti-Truancy Efforts Notch High Marks

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De Blasio's Plans For City Schools Go Well Beyond Universal Pre-K

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O'Malley to speak at forum on progressive states and job creation

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In New York, O'Malley boosts de Blasio and tweaks Cuomo

Capital, October 18, 2013
Martin O'Malley on fear of a millionairs' tax and the DREAM Act

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Briefing: O'Malley in Cuomo's backyard, another bad sign for Silver

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Governor Martin O'Malley Supports Bill de Blasio's Pre-K Plan

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Whiz kids in 8th grade get jump on tough high school physics courses

Daily News, September 27, 2013
Study finds New York's high schools aren't offering enough advanced courses to get students into college

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City plans to end guarantee for local high school slots

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Investing in Early Childhood Now, for a Payoff Later

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How to survive elementary school

New York Post, September 15, 2013
How to survive middle school

New York Post, September 15, 2013
How to survive high school

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Referendum on Bloomberg looms in NYC election

The New York Times, August 28, 2013
A View of What's Missing From the Classroom

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Bill de Blasio's Vision

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New York's mayoral candidates praise 'stop-and-frisk' ruling

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Bloomberg's New York: Education for the Future?

Crain's, July 25, 2013
Businesses seen as key for city's black students

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FAQ on Regents Tests

Crain's, May 30, 2013
De Blasio pushes tax hike, subsidy cut

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De Blasio presents his plan to save the city's middle class

City & State, May 30, 2013
De Blasio Lays Out Plan To Restore New York City's Middle Class

The Epoch Times, May 30, 2013
Prepare NYC Youth for Tech Jobs, Says de Blasio

The Wall Street Journal, May 30, 2013
'Two Cities' Theme Seized By Democrat

Capitol Confidential, May 30, 2013
De Blasio Presents Agenda for Those Without 'Caviar Pizza' and Edible Gold

City Limits, May 30, 2013
De Blasio, Thompson Economic Plans: Poverty vs. Inequality

The New York Times, May 3, 2013
The Get-Into-School Card

The New York Times, April 2, 2013
With Legacy on His Mind, Mayor Adds More Schools

The Republic, March 13, 2013
New online guide to NYC high schools offers info on class size, metal detectors

CBS New York, March 13, 2013
New School Launches Online Guide To New York City High Schools

New York Post, March 13, 2013
New family-friendly guide to New York City high schools goes online

The Epoch Times, March 12, 2013
A New Way to Look at High School Ratings

NY1, March 12, 2013
New Website Gives Detailed Statistics On City Public Schools

The New York Times, February 28, 2013
Born as a Tribute but Faltering, a Bronx School Nears Its End

Foc Business, February 20, 2013
FAFSA Tips for Low-Income Families

NY1, February 12, 2013 
Housing Authority Chairman Opens Up On His Agency's Failings After Sandy

The Epoch Times, January 16, 2013 
Quinn Outlines New York City Education Policy

Wall Street Journal, January 15, 2013 
In Speech, Quinn Spells Out Education Platform

SchoolBook, January 15, 2013 
Quinn Calls for Less Testing, More Community Input

NY1, January 15, 2013 
Quinn Proposes Changes To City's Education System

NY Daily News, January 15, 2013 
Chris Quinn Talks Education At New School

Crain's, January 15, 2013 
Quinn seeks to build on Bloomberg's education legacy

The New York Times, January 15, 2013 
Quinn Presents Vision for Improving New York City Schools

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Christine Quinn Wants to Model NYC's School System on Zappos

Metro, January 15, 2013 
Christine Quinn's education speech proposes axing textbooks, extending school until 6 p.m.

Staten Island Live, January 15, 2013 
Speaker Christine Quinn talks school reform, calling for less emphasis on testing

Capital, January 15, 2013 
Tablets Instead of Textbooks, and other education ideas from Candidate Quinn

New York Post, January 15, 2013 
Quinn floats plan to replace textbooks with tablets

DNAinfo, January 15, 2013 
Christine Quinn Wants to Replace Textbooks with Tablets



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"Out-of-School Time Program Faces Deep Cuts"

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"After-School Programs Face Funding Cuts "

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NYPD opens books on arrests in public schools

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"These Kids Don't Have a Shot"

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Say big Bronx schools failing as Department of Ed steers best students towards its small schools

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Mayor's schools set students up for failure when it comes to college preparation, but more graduate

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Solidarity: 99% Elusive

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Gates' Agenda and Money Shape City Schools

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Gov. Cuomo and the Media

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A discussion of Cuomo's relationship with the press zeroes in on "Post" statehouse guy, Fred Dicker

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Cuomo's reign

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Watch New School's "Cuomo and the Media" panel

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More City Schools Get Low Marks

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What to Make of School Progress Reports

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Large Number of K-3 Students Miss Weeks of School

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Inside the New Insideschools: A conversation with Pamela Wheaton

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Republicans look for upset in NY special election

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Out of Foster Care —and into What?

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How to get your top pick

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Poorly Funded

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Concerns Persist Over Child Welfare Cases Involving Mental Health

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The Burdensome Legacy of Child Services Chief John Mattingly

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Children's Services Commissioner Mattingly Resigns

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Op-Ed: Reflections on Mattingly's Tenure as Head of NYC's Child Services Agency

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ACS Commissioner's Controversial Term Ends With Sudden Resignation

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ACS commissioner John Mattingly leaving post after seven years; presided during Nixzmary Brown death

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Survey Finds Some City Teachers Do Not Trust Their Own Principals

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Mayor Defends Record

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City Reduces Chronic Absenteeism in Public Schools

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Brooklyn honor student among 8th-graders stuck in high school they didn't choose

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Testing Students to Grade Teachers

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The turnaround starts with attendance

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Cuomo and the Media

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Lost in the School Choice Maze

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Parents Fret as Kids Seek 'Gifted' Status

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Study looks at what influences students' high school choices

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Strong Advocates, Strong Families: Lessons from an initiative to strengthen parent advocates in New York City

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Principal Cleared of Charges in Confrontation With Teacher

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The New York Education of Jason Helgerson

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Blow to Bloomberg as school chief exits

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City Council members want ACS commissioner to step down in wake of homicide charge

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Open Phones: New NYC School Chancellor

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The Toughest Job Around: What Cathleen Black's brief tenure as New York's schools chancellor says about running the city's education department

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At Medicaid Post-Mortem, State And City Officials Look Ahead

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Missing Students: A Bigger, Younger Problem Than We Think

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Child welfare workers second-guess stressful jobs

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Why we shouldn't close failing schools: Vulnerable young men of color stand to lose

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Nearly one third of students who aced specialized high school exam choose other schools

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Protecting Children

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A.C.S. Caseworkers Dispirited Over Charges in Girl's Death

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Prosecutors Grapple with Marijuana Arrests

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Helping Parents With Children in Foster Care

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Worrying Trends for Foster Care Youth

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Foster Care Discussion

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Will Clinton be next to face Dept. of Ed axe?

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When a Tax Isn’t Really a Tax

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UFT President on School Closings

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UFT President Michael Mulgrew's speech at the Center for New York City Affairs

WBAI Evening News, January 11, 2011 
(Click here to listen to MP3)

The New York Times, January 1, 2011
More Play, Please, for Kindergartners, Parents Ask


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City Officials Continue to Point Students Toward Doomed High Schools

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In NYC, Small Schools Touted to Make a Big Difference in Education Reform

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New York’s Shifting Demographics: What Does It Mean for City Politics?

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Stress and the High School Student

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A Look Back: Snapshots from the Political Insiders' Campaign Roundtable

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Courting Cuomo: How the AG Candidates Tried, and Failed, to Woo Andrew Cuomo

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Campaign Secrets Revealed At Manhattan Roundtable

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Pols like City Councilman Charles Barron say they'll sue if Bloomberg pushes ahead with Cathie Black

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NY study says punishment doesn't solve absenteeism

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Punishing Parents Doesn't Solve NYC Absenteeism: Study

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NY Study Says Punishment Doesn't Solve Absenteeism

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5 things: What should Cathie Black do when she becomes NYC's schools Chancellor?

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Tell Us Why Cathleen Black

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Schools Chancellor Joel Klein to be Replaced by Hearst Chairwoman Cathie Black

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Early Grades Become the New Front in Absenteeism Wars

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Schools Get Report Cards from City Education Dept.

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Caution, honesty in education reform

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Middle School Fails Kids, Study Says

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Bloomberg's Management Style Offers Some Surprises

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Bloomberg Weilds His Wallet to Push His Agenda

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Is It Really Easier To Get Into Harvard Than An NYC Nursery School?

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The Pitfalls in Identifying a Gifted Child

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If You're Not in Class

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Passing Grades

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Taking Attendance in Bloomberg Bid to Cut Truancy

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Bloomberg Doesn't Make Good on Diversity Staffing Promise

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Mayor Falls Short of Vow on Diversity

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The Education Gadfly Weekly

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Report: Small High Schools Boost Graduation Rates

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Smaller City Schools a Success, Report Finds

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Buried in the New School Report, the Start of an Answer

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Report: DOE oversight system flawed

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Study Faults School Accountability System

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Report: Empowerment helped; grading system "deeply flawed"

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Teachers union and community groups trying to get city schools $30 million 'present'

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A grant to create community schools makes strange bedfellows

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With Debate on Openness, Mayor's Race Starts Early

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Lessons in Tough Love at a Court for Truants

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In Shake-Up, Principals May Get More Say Over What Is Taught

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Teaching division to disappear in latest DOE reshuffling

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Vancouver mayor aims to take a bite out of the Big Apple's environmental strategy

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Mayor Mike's 3rd term blues

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Another Exit From Bloomberg's Inner Circle

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Back to School, and Right Back on Vacation

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City Should Close Schools When All Else Fails

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City Looks to Secure Unbanked NYers

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City says bureaucracy reorganization will save $13 million

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What If Our Schools Are Working?

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Large High Schools in the City Are Taking Hard Falls

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Ask About New York's High Schools

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Trusted Aides to Bloomberg Get Big Bonuses

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Critics see a lose-lose situation with 15 city high schools on closure list

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Council Speaker Tries to Move Out of Mayor's Shadow

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Advocate eyes expanded office

WNYC, The Brian Lehrer Show, January 4, 2010
New Year, New Politics