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February 15, 2017

Are Sanctuary Cities in Danger?

A Feet in 2 Worlds Podcast

“Sanctuary” communities are under attack from the White House. Under an executive order issued on January 25th, the Federal government declares that it will “to the extent consistent with law” and public safety withhold Federal grants to cities, towns, counties and states that protect undocumented immigrants from being detained and deported.

There are roughly 400 such local jurisdictions around the country, and their responses have ranged from defiance to compliance. San Francisco filed a lawsuit challenging the constitutionality of the executive order, while Miami’s mayor suspended a city policy of non-cooperation with Federal immigration authorities, citing the threatened loss of Federal funds.

Many communities are looking to strengthen their sanctuary policies. But it’s unclear how far they can or will go to protect undocumented immigrants within their borders, just as it is uncertain how broad the Federal government’s power to rein in sanctuary jurisdictions actually is.

In this podcast, Feet in 2 Worlds Executive Producer John Rudolph speaks with:

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Photo credit: Ryan Rwozimek