The de Blasio administration has made reducing family homelessness a key priority. Nevertheless, homeless families spend on average over 400 days in city shelters, and the number of families is near a record high. Young children are overrepresented; the number of kids under the age of 6 in shelters has grown nearly 60 percent since 2006. How can we keep children in city-subsidized shelters safe? How can we use the time they spend in shelter to foster rather than derail their development? How can we support parents who are leaving shelters that may be the only homes their children have known?  A conversation with experts in the field, and the release of the latest edition of Child Welfare Watch. 

A conversation with:
Anthony Graham, executive director, HelpUSA
Janee Harvey, program director for preventive programs, CAMBA
Joyce McMillan, parent organizer, Child Welfare Organizing Project
Christy Parque, executive director, Homeless Services United, Inc. 
Judge Jody Adams, first deputy commissioner, NYC Department of Homeless Services

Presentation by:
Kendra Hurley, senior editor, Center for New York City Affairs

Moderated by:
Clara Hemphill, interim director, Center for New York City Affairs at the New School