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Join the Center for New York City Affairs to recognize the winners of the Prized Solutions: Reimagining NYC competition on April 26, 2017! 

This competition identified exemplary research and ideas from New School students that focused on issues impacting New York City. Each of the winners will present their work during a panel discussion to an audience of peers, policy makers, and supporters. In addition, finalists of the competition will present their projects during a roundtables segment of the event.

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Across the city, social service agencies are increasingly employing staff who’ve themselves had run-ins with the law as “Credible Messengers” to other court-involved youth. It’s a recognition of the powerful positive impact mentors who’ve had similar life experiences can have in changing young lives. 

To foster this important work, the Center for New York City Affairs is pleased to announce the launch of the Institute for Transformative Mentoring (ITM). ITM is a training program focused on the professional and personal development of such Credible Messengers. It’s a semester-long course, developed with Credible Messengers and the help of training and education experts and foundation and non-profit leaders, that’s designed to enhance the practical skills of Credible Messengers and also further the healing of their own lives. ITM will support the work of this unique and growing workforce.  

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Why Urban Resistance to the Trump Agenda Is Here to Stay

By Peter Eisinger

During the Obama years cities articulated or actively pursued policy initiatives at the vanguard of progressivism. Sometimes this was entirely consistent with Obama’s agenda (green cities, gun control) and sometimes it went beyond (the $15 minimum wage, sanctuary cities). But in general the cities were partners with Washington in the progressive project. 


A ‘Student Plan’ Will Make New York Colleges Affordable

By Kevin Stump

When New York Governor Andrew Cuomo proposed the Excelsior Scholarship plan a few weeks ago, standing alongside former Presidential candidate Senator Bernie Sanders, it demonstrated that making college affordable is good politics. The announcement also triggered a healthy and long-overdue debate on the best way to tackle the affordability crisis that either restricts access to college for those most at need or drives up student loan debt for poor and middle-class New Yorkers.





Report | Education

InsideSchools visited 80 elementary schools to find out how some formerly high-poverty schools have succeeded in attracting children from a range of races, ethnicities and income levels.


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The City can do much more to foster economic integration of elementary schools than the small scale efforts it has made to date. Here are five feasible steps we believe the City can take.