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As a Senior Program Office at the Pinkerton Foundation, Julie manages the Youth Justice Portfolio.  A graduate of Cornell and Harvard Law, Julie’s first exposure to nonprofit work was with the Harvard Prison Legal Assistance Project where she served as an advocate for the incarcerated. After practicing public interest law for several years, she became a legal analyst working on behalf of the Federal District Court to improve conditions in New York City jails.  She later served as a program officer for the Edna McConnell Clark and JEHT foundations. Julie has written on juvenile justice and other youth-related issues, and served as a consultant for funders, nonprofits and government agencies.  Julie joined Pinkerton in September of 2013 upon completion of three years as Director of Public Private Partnerships for the New York City Department of Probation. Publications include: Austria, Ruben and Peterson, Julie, “Credible Messenger Mentoring for Justice-Involved Youth,” Pinkerton Papers, January 2017.; Peterson, Julie, “The Collaborative Fund Model:  Effective Strategies for Grantmaking,” The Ms. Foundation, 2002.  



Rev. Dr. Alfonso Wyatt provides vital leadership to youth, young adults and professionals in both the sacred and secular communities in New York and around the country. He retired as vice president of The Fund for the City of New York after serving over two decades. Dr. Wyatt is the founder of Strategic Destiny: Designing Futures Through Faith and Facts. Strategic Destiny seeks to find common language and opportunities for collaboration between socially engaged practitioners motivated by faith and secular practitioners motivated by evidence-based learning. He has mentored thousands ranging from young people in foster care, juvenile detention facilities, adults in and out of prison, as well as individuals in: corporate America, youth-serving organizations, the faith community, or mentees receiving their Ph.D. He serves as an adviser and consultant to government, colleges, civic groups, community-based organizations, public and charter schools, education intermediaries, foundations and the broader faith community. 


Mia Legaspi-Cavin

Mia Legaspi-Cavin has been working in the intersections of youth and criminal justice for seven years. Most recently, Mia built out the young adult mentoring programs at The Osborne Association, and helped to develop a facilitation training program for emerging youth credible messengers. She is currently working with the Restoring Promise Initiative at the Vera Institute of Justice, a program that is radically transforming confinement for youth 18 -25 in correctional institutions. She holds her Bachelors in Spanish and Law, Society & Justice from the University of Washington and her Masters in Youth Studies at the CUNY School of Professional Studies.


Jessica Mofield

Jessica Mofield is the Executive Deputy Director of the NYC Mayor’s Office to Prevent Gun Violence. Housed within the Mayor’s Office of Criminal Justice (MOCJ), the Office to Prevent Gun Violence (OPGV), is focused on synchronizing the city’s anti-gun violence initiatives while amplifying community based services and employing technological solutions to end gun violence. Our mission is to create safe, empowered and interconnected communities utilizing a multitude of public safety strategies. Prior to joining OPGV, she worked at the Counseling Service of Eastern District of New York, where she was tasked with providing culturally attuned therapeutic support to over 200 justice involved men and women that were referred by the Administration for Children’s Services and federal probation. She earned a Master’s degree in Counseling for Mental Health and Wellness from New York University. Ms. Mofield also holds a license as a LMHC and Bachelor of Science in Psychology.