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Reform or Relapse? Kids’ Medicaid Mental Health Services Hang in the Balance

By Abigail Kramer

After five years of planning and negotiation, the State’s departments of health, mental health, and substance abuse had come up with a plan to overhaul their outdated, overburdened system of mental health services for low-income kids.


Report | Child Welfare, Child Care, Mental Health 

Baby & Toddler Takeoff (2015)

By Kendra Hurley, Abigail Kramer and Bruce Cory with Evan Pellegrino and Gail Robinson
With nearly 15 million new dollars earmarked in the 2016 city budget for the social and emotional health of the youngest New Yorkers, the city's growing interest in what's often called "infant mental health" is undeniable. This report offers the first comprehensive look at New York's key new goals and efforts to protect the well-being of babies and toddlers.  


Report | Child Welfare, Homelessness, Poverty, Mental Health 

In Need of Shelter: Protecting the city’s youngest children from the traumas of homelessness (2015)

By Kendra Hurley and Abigail Kramer 
This Child Welfare Watch report describes the stresses that homelessness puts on families with young children, and explores the discontinuity between the large number of young children in the shelter system and the dearth of services available to them.

Report & Event | Child Welfare, Child Care, Poverty, Mental Health

Baby Steps: Poverty, chronic stress, and NY’s youngest children (2014)

By Andrew White, Kendra Hurley, and Abigail Kramer
We look at the science of early childhood development—and we illuminate how supportive, nurturing caregivers can buffer children from the negative impacts of early adversity, including the ambient stress that so often accompanies intractable poverty.



Jack P. Shonkoff, M.D., FAMRI professor of child health and development, Harvard School of Public Health. Linda Lausell Bryant, executive director, Inwood House. Susan Chinitz, professor of clinical pediatrics, Albert Einstein College of Medicine. Piazadora Footman, parent; editorial assistant at Rise, a magazine written by and for parents in the child welfare system; and Chances for Children participant Benita Miller, deputy commissioner of family permanency services, NYC Administration for Children's Services. Andrew White, director, Center for New York City Affairs, The New School

Hard Choices: Caring for the children of mentally ill parents (2009)

By Andrew White, Clara Hemphill, Kendra Hurley, Ann Farmer, and Maia Szalavitz
A joint report with the Center for an Urban Future documenting the issues facing poor and working class parents with mental illness and their children.