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Report | Child Welfare

By Kendra Hurley with Janie Ziye Shen 
Family child care is the most common child care arrangement for young children from low-income families, yet national studies have found the quality of home-based care to be wanting. In 2012, New York City launched one of the country's largest experiments in raising the quality of subsidized family child care. More than three years since the launch of EarlyLearnNYC, the Center for New York City Affairs investigated what has worked and what has not.  



℞ for the New York Region: How We Can Create a 'Culture of Health'

By Mandu Sen

When we talk about the wellbeing of a city or region, all too often we use economic data, such as income or employment statistics. Only rarely do we also take stock of our collective health. But there are many appropriate reasons why we ought to. 


Can 'Learning as Play' Make a Kindergarten Comeback?

By Lydie Raschka
In a number of New York City elementary school kindergarten classes, [choice time] revives, in modified fashion, the once-common play-as-learning “free time” that’s been driven almost to extinction in favor of whole-class instruction, textbooks, worksheets, and other elements of more rigorous education in the Common Core era. 



Report | Education

Segregated Schools in Integrated Neighborhoods: The City's Schools Are Even More Divided Than Our Housing

By Clara Hemphill and Nicole Mader
In multi-ethnic New York City, why are so many elementary schools segregated by race and class? New research demonstrates that school segregation is not always the result of housing patterns.



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