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Report | Child Welfare

By Kendra Hurley with Janie Ziye Shen 
Family child care is the most common child care arrangement for young children from low-income families, yet national studies have found the quality of home-based care to be wanting. In 2012, New York City launched one of the country's largest experiments in raising the quality of subsidized family child care. More than three years since the launch of EarlyLearnNYC, the Center for New York City Affairs investigated what has worked and what has not.  



To Improve Family Child Care Offer More Coaching

By Kendra Hurley
The Center recently investigated New York City’s nearly four-year-old “EarlyLearnNYC” reforms of city-contracted home-based programs. We found those programs encumbered by well-intentioned but misguided requirements.


Seven 'Raise the Age' Work-Arounds: Doing the Right Thing When Albany Won't

By Kate Rubin
Efforts to raise the age of criminal responsibility once again foundered in the Legislature. Other policymakers have a moral obligation to act where legislators have failed. Here are seven steps City and State agencies can take—right now—to protect children from an outdated, abusive criminal justice system.



Report | Education

Segregated Schools in Integrated Neighborhoods: The City's Schools Are Even More Divided Than Our Housing

By Clara Hemphill and Nicole Mader
In multi-ethnic New York City, why are so many elementary schools segregated by race and class? New research demonstrates that school segregation is not always the result of housing patterns.


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