Regional Solutions to Segregation and Racial Inequity: Can Metro Areas Overcome Inequality?

Milano and the Center for New York City Affairs present the 2009 Henry Cohen Lecture featuring Myron Orfield, Executive Director, Institute on Race & Poverty, University of Minnesota and author, Metropolitics: A Regional Agenda for Community and Stability. Suburban growth and development away from central cities have increased segregation and racial inequalities in the U.S. Using the Twin Cities region as a lens, Orfield shows why policy makers must shift from neighborhood-level responses and develop regional solutions that promote equity and integration for housing, jobs, and schools. Read the event transcript.


The lecture was followed by a discussion about the New York region with:

Darrick Hamilton, Assistant Professor, Milano Alex Schwartz, Associate Professor, Milano Tom Wright, Executive Director, Regional Plan Association

Established in 2006, The Henry Cohen Lecture focuses on public policy challenges and solutions for women, children, and families, particularly in impoverished urban settings. The Henry Cohen Professorship, which focuses on these same issues, is an endowed Chair at Milano. The Lecture and Professorship are both named after Milano's founding dean, who served from 1965 to 1983.