A Transformative Moment? New York's New Vision for Juvenile Justice

Major changes are afoot in juvenile justice. Governor Paterson recently proposed long-awaited reforms for upstate facilities where young teens are incarcerated. But he also proposed large cuts to alternative-to-detention and diversion programs. Meanwhile, the Bloomberg administration has merged the city's juvenile justice agency with children's services, potentially accelerating expansion of community- and family-centered services for juvenile delinquents and other young people. What are the emerging visions? How might city, state and nonprofit agencies work together to support effective reform for children and families? A conversation about working toward meaningful change, at a time of fiscal crisis. http://youtu.be/TOoknfAhGQA

WITH: Commissioner Gladys Carrion, NYS Office of Children and Family Services Commissioner John Mattingly, New York City Administration for Children's Services Commissioner Vincent Schiraldi, New York City Department of Probation

AND: Melkeda Cardona, Youth Organizer, Safe Passages for Youth, The Correctional Association of NY Jeremy Kohomban, President and CEO, Children's Village Jeremy Travis, President, John Jay College of Criminal Justice

Child Welfare Watch is co-published by the Center for New York City Affairs and Center for an Urban Future. The most recent issue, "A Need for Correction: Reforming New York's Juvenile Justice System," is available here.

This event was supported by the Child Welfare Fund, the Sirus Fund, the Ira W. DeCamp Foundation, the Viola W. Bernard Foundation and the Milano Foundation.