With Feet in Two Worlds: Immigrants In A Global City

Immigrants in a Global City New Yorkers thrive amid multiple hybrid cultures bridging east and west, north and south. Meanwhile millions of city residents have their ears and eyes attuned to their home countries, to their families, politics, cultural life and the flow of money across borders. This forum featured excerpts from a new documentary project of WNYC Radio, American Public Media, the Center for New York City Affairs and producer John Rudolph, plus panel discussions exploring transnational life and culture in immigrant New York.

Moderator: Brian Lehrer, WNYC Radio

Panelists: Chung-Wha Hong, deputy director, The New York Immigration Coalition German Perez, Dominican-American visual artist Garry Pierre-Pierre, editor, Haitian Times D.J. Rekha, host, S.O.B.'s Basement Banghra dance parties Rob Smith, associate professor, Baruch College School of Public Affairs, and author, Mexican New York: Transnational Worlds of New Immigrants Arun Venugopal, reporter, India Abroad

Supported by the New York Community Trust, the David and Katherine Moore Family Foundation and the New York Council for the Humanities, a not-for-profit independent affiliate of the National Endowment for the Humanities.