Justice Renewed? Criminal Justice in the Spitzer Era

Justice Renewed? Criminal Justice in the Spitzer Era Nearly $3 billion in state funds will be spent on corrections and criminal justice services in New York this year. Under the state's first Democratic administration in 12 years, will there be a new vision—and new policies—on sentencing, prison conditions and drug treatment, health care and education behind bars? And with 25,000 ex-offenders returning home each year, what kind of support can communities expect?

Speakers: Assembly Member Jeffrion Aubry, Chair, NY State Assembly Committee on Corrections Janet DiFiore, District Attorney, Westchester County Robert Gangi, Executive Director, Correctional Association of New York Michael P. Jacobson, Director, Vera Institute of Justice Hon. David Paterson, Lieutenant Governor, New York State

Moderator: Andrew White, Director, Center for New York City Affairs

Supported by the Milano Foundation.