The "Just" City: Equality, Social Justice and the Growing City

The Just City: Equality, Social Justice and the Growing City Mayors and city governments want to promote economic growth to fill coffers, pay for services and raise incomes. But what about growth that corrects social injustices like persistent inequality, racial and ethnic segregation? Can growth instead be harnessed to support equality, diversity and a higher quality of life for everyone? Harvard Professor Susan Fainstein speaks about her new book, The Just City, bridging progressive ideas of justice with the practical work of planners and urban policymakers. Her talk will be followed by a discussion about fairness and justice in New York social policy and planning.

Remarks by: Susan Fainstein, author, The Just City.

Followed by a conversation with: Chung-Wha Hong, executive director, New York Immigration Coalition Kenneth Knuckles, vice chair, New York City Planning Commission; president & CEO, Upper Manhattan Empowerment Zone Brad Lander, member, New York City Council, District 39

Moderated by: Andrew White, director, Center for New York City Affairs

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Supported by the Sirus Fund and the Milano Foundation.