Second Acts: Recovering from Scandal

Second Acts: Recovering from Scandal Crisis management and scandal recovery have captured the moment, from big-league sports to New York City’s current political silly season. PR firms are rebranding themselves as crisis advisers. Ex-White House aides are peddling their bona fides. While the public sees scandal through a tabloid lens, at its heart are flawed human beings making mistakes, acting emotionally, and trying to preserve their reputations and careers. “Recovering politicians” who suffered highly publicized scandals share their stories, offer guidance, and comment on the latest attempts to launch second acts.

A conversation with: Krystal Ball, co-host, MSNBC's "The Cycle;" former Virginia congressional candidate Jonathan MillerDaily Beast columnist; No Labels co-founder; former Kentucky state treasurer Michael Steele, co-chairman, Purple Nation Strategies; former Republican National Committee chairman

Moderated by: Jeff Smith, assistant professor of politics and advocacy, The New School; former Missouri state senator


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