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When Insurgents Take Over City Hall

By Juan González

In his new book, Reclaiming Gotham: Bill de Blasio and the Movement to End America's Tale of Two Cities, longtime New York journalist Juan González poses the question: Was the 2013 mayoral election “just a curious digression in the convoluted history of New York City politics, a transitory attempt to resurrect past liberal policies? Or was it something more?” Here’s his answer, excerpted with his permission from the book’s introduction.


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2014 Campaign Roundtable

The Center for New York City Affairs invited campaign staffers, pundits, and candidates to come together to look back at this year’s exciting races in New York State. Below are a series of highlights from these engaging, illuminating conversations. 

State Senate Race Panel: Gerald Benjamin, SUNY New Paltz; Tom Doherty, Mercury strategy firm; Blair Horner, New York Public Interest Research Group; Naomi Konst, The Accountability Project; Ben Lazarus, StudentsFirstNY; Janos Marton, former special counsel, Moreland Commission; David Nir, Daily Kos; Jeff Plaut, Democratic pollster; Basil Smikle, Basil Smikle Associates

Governor's Race PanelKate Albright-Hanna, communications director, Teachout campaign; Alexis Grenell, City & State; Peter Kauffmann, senior advisor, NYS Democratic Committee; Michael Lawler, campaign manager, Astorino campaign; Brian Murphy, CUNY Baruch College; William O'Reilly, consultant, Astorino campaign; Jessica Proud, spokesperson, Astorinio campaign; Zephyr Teachout, Democratic primary candidate; Matt Wing, Cuomo communications director





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The City & The State: Conflict or Collaboration? (2014)

Is tension is inevitable between Albany and NYC or it is just that there's a new mayoral administration and an election-year governor, and press and politicos are shining the spotlight in search of every conflict. As Mayor de Blasio seeks to fulfill campaign promises and pursue the agenda that got him elected, a popular Governor Cuomo has his own program to fulfill. Will the city and state collaborate? Or will diverging fiscal and political priorities cause more conflict, more publicly than in the past?

Michael Benjamin, political columnist, New York Post; former NYS Assemblyman (D-Bronx)
Thomas Kaplan, political reporter, The New York Times
Michael Powell, columnist, The New York Times
Liz Krueger, New York State Senator (D-Manhattan)

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The Future of Progressive States (2013)

Maryland Governor and former Baltimore Mayor Martin O'Malley discusses how states can secure the middle class and promote new and shared prosperity. Progressive state and local governments strive to build economies that create jobs, boost incomes, foster educational opportunity and strengthen government's fiscal base. With continued congressional gridlock, the progressive agenda for these laboratories of democracy is more important than ever. 

Martin O' Malley, governor, Maryland
Matt Yglesias, economics writer, Slate
Hector Figueroa, president, 32BJ Service Employees International Union
Jeff Smith, assistant professor of politics and advocacy, Milano School of International Affairs, Management, and Urban Policy, The New School.

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Cuomo and the Media: Managing the Message (2011)

Governor Andrew Cuomo has kept a tight rein on his public image and his administration's agenda. His strategic successes in the legislature have been substantial, but critics say the popular governor is proving to be no great advocate of transparency in the executive branch. How has the governor sold his agenda to the legislature, the people, and the mass media? What is his relationship with the press corps?
Wayne Barrett, investigative reporter and fellow at The Nation Institute
Liz Benjamin, host, Capital Tonight, YNN
Nicholas Confessore, reporter, The New York Times
Karen DeWitt, Capitol bureau chief, New York State Public Radio
Steve Greenberg, pollster, Siena Research Institute