Now What? NYC's Election Year Fiscal Crisis

Now What? NYC's Election Year Fiscal Crisis The boom is over, and the city’s families and neighborhoods are beginning to feel the consequences. Mayor Bloomberg managed seven years of rapid budget growth but now, as he prepares a run for a third term, the city faces potentially massive shortfalls. How fast and how hard will a sputtering economy and shrinking revenues hit city services? Are tax hikes smart? Is New York facing a reprise of the 1970s?

With: Joshua Freeman, Professor, Queens College Mark Winston Griffith, Fellow, Drum Major Institute for Public Policy Ronnie Lowenstein, Director, NYC Independent Budget Office (IBO) Elba Montalvo, Executive Director, Committee for Hispanic Children and Families Preston Niblack, Budget Director, New York City Council Mark Page, Director, NYC Office of Management and Budget (OMB)

Moderator: Adam Lisberg, City Hall Bureau Chief, New York Daily News

Supported by the Sirus Fund and the Milano Foundation.