Pass or Fail: Whats Next for New York City's High Schools?

Pass or Fail: Whats Next for New York City's High Schools? New York City’s high schools have undergone a powerful transformation during the Bloomberg years, with more than 200 new small schools and dozens of others closed or reshaped. The city’s education department has introduced school competition, giving families unprecedented choice. But how has all this worked out for the students at-risk of dropping out? The Center for New York City Affairs released an analysis of Chancellor Joel Klein’s cornerstone initiatives, looking at the winners and losers. What must be done to meet the daunting challenges of the next four years?

Introductory remarks by: Joel Klein, Chancellor, New York City Department of Education

And a discussion with: Zakiyah Ansari, Parent Leader, Coalition for Educational Justice Michael Mulgrew, Vice President of Career and Technical High Schools, United Federation of Teachers Eric Nadelstern, Chief Schools Officer, NYC Department of Education Sana Nasser, Principal, Harry S. Truman High School Pedro Noguera, Executive Director, Metropolitan Center for Urban Education

Moderated by: Clara Hemphill, Senior Editor, Center for New York City Affairs

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Supported by the Milano Foundation, the Sirus Fund and United Way of New York City.